Casino Tours

Casino Tours

casino toursColumbus Limo service can give you a tour of our many casinos in downtown Columbus. Get picked up and dropped off on your chosen spot. Arrive in style using one of our limousines and enjoy a night out with your friends.

The choice is yours. We can take you to the famous Horseshoe Casino in downtown Columbus or Thistle down Race track Casino in North Randall. You can choose a spot you like while on the road to make the night as personalized as possible.

Following are the reasons why you should rent a limo from us:

  • Public or arranged transportation can be painfully uncomfortable. Why go on a public bus or a shuttle bus full of people when you can ride in a limo all relaxed and comfy. Just imagine of getting out of the limo in front of casino’s entrance, quite an impression it would make. It is something out of a movie and you should get to experience arriving in a limo at least once in your lifetime.
  • Hire a Columbus Limo and ride with your friends. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Our drivers will let you know when you’re near the casino. You don’t even need to open the door yourself. Our chauffeurs will open the door for you. You’ll feel like royalty right off the bat.
  • Want to go to another casino? Just ask us. We can modify your casino tour and make it more exciting for you on your request. We know all the popular casinos in the area and we’ll be happy to take you to all of them.
  • The most amazing thing when booking a Columbus limo is it is very affordable. The more you are in the group, the less you’ll have to pay. That in itself would make you invite more friends on your trip. How amazing is that?
  • Your safety is our number one priority, travel safely and comfortably with us. Our drivers are trained to ensure your safety on the ride. You can now travel without a care in the world. We guarantee your safety like our life is dependent on it. Book your casino limo tour with us and let your carefree nights if games and fun begin.
  • Everyone is treated as a celebrity. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual or large group. We always treat out client like the royalty they deserve. It does not matter whether you are traveling solo or traveling with friends. If you are our customers, you are going to be treated as royalty, no questions asked.
  • Don’t miss out our casino tour. Hire a limo and book your casino tour today. You just have to fill the form of Columbus Limo service – it’s that simple!

Want to get lucky? Book the casino scene today with your friends to make an amazing evening. Your satisfaction is our business.

Our Columbus limo services has done many pick-ups and drop offs at the known and amazing Horseshoe Casino in downtown Columbus, and many more casinos all around the Northeast Ohio area. Our limousine drivers know the area and can give you a personalize tour of the city depending on your preferences.

Columbus Limo services would love to give you a ride in our Limo to the casino. Your friends will surely have a great time in the many casinos in downtown Columbus. Feel like a big shot arriving in one of our limousines. It is not every day that you get to arrive in a casino dressed up in fancy suits and chauffeured by a professional limo driver. You will truly feel like a king once you arrive. Try and win a large sum of money. Enjoy the casino lifestyle around you. You look like a big shot after all.

Hire a limo to take you and your buddies to the Columbus Horeshoe Casino. Call now to the Columbus’s First Class Limos and choose a limo and roll in style to the Columbus Horseshoe Casino located in Downtown Columbus. Make your night a special one by enjoying and exploring all the restaurants and bars all around, you can have a splendid evening out. You can even take a town car to our Columbus Casino and we can pick you back up and drop you off when you are finished. Call us now! And book your next trip, make your evening amazing and visit the new Columbus Casinos.

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